High Maintenance, the Vimeo on Demand comedic web series, is back for its 2nd season. Follow your favorite weed dealer as he casually drops in on the dramatic and varied lives of his customers, New York smokers. Rent now and save 10% with promo code Gawker10.

Each episode of High Maintenance throws you into the life of a different New Yorker, the one constant being the low-key weed dealer they all depend on, known only as "the Guy." As you're introduced to his scattered clientele — a seemingly perfect couple, a guest overstaying his welcome, a daughter with family issues, and "assholes" — it often feels like he's the least flawed of all.


The show is wildly creative, honest, and deftly avoids pigeon-holing smokers and Brooklynites. And with no standard episode length, there's no filler, each story naturally plays itself out, be it five or twenty minutes.

Season five was released over the last three months and features six new episodes. Rent (1-year streaming period) it now and save 10% with promo code Gawker10.


Watch the New Season of High Maintenance on Vimeo and Save 10%

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