Surprise surprise, your bank is not being transparent with you when it comes to fees for tasks like sending money internationally. TransferWise is free to join and wants to be straight forward and eliminate hidden fees, making international transfers cheap, safe, and easy. Signing up and get your first transfer (up to $1,000) free!

Here’s why should you rethink how you transfer money internationally and try Transferwise:

  • It’s free to join and trustworthy (more than $4.5 billion USD transferred since 2010)
  • It was founded by Skype’s first-ever employee, the company that made international phone calls cheap and easy
  • TransferWise exchanges currency at the real mid-market exchange rate with a transparent fee, depending on the route, typically 1% (the ceiling is 1.9%)
  • Meanwhile, banks offer ‘free transfers’ while charging an opaque fixed fee and a currency conversion fee of 3-6% for international transfers
  • Other online payment companies charge a transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on the currency, while others aren’t capable of international transfers at all

Because TransferWise is free to join anyone making a transfer internationally, even just one, will save money instantly. But it’s a no-brainer for expats needing to send money to and from their home country, businesses paying freelancers and service providers, individuals making purchase from international businesses , and international students paying tuition.

Don’t let your bank charge you exorbitant amounts for a simple task that should be afforded to you as a client anyway. Instead use TransferWise, which is free to join, and know exactly what you’ll be charged, typically just 1% for most routes. Plus get your first transfer up to $1,000, free.

Send Money Abroad Cheap And Safe With TransferWise + First Transfer Free

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