Transition Into Spring With Menswear That's Made To Move (30% Off)

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Ministry of Supply is menswear that performs with your body while you look your best. Most sharp-looking clothing hinders motion and comfort, but with Ministry of Supply, you don’t have to sacrifice either. Get 30% off the Aeon Sweater now with promo code spin30.


Ministry of Supply keeps up with your entire day, aligning with the contours of your body for a comfortable and free feeling. Using strain analysis and thermal imaging, Ministry of Supply pin points where the human body bends and heats when in motion, providing moisture management no matter what you choose to do.

Perfect for the Spring months, the Aeon Sweater is a light mid-layer. Fitting comfortably over a dress shirt or under a blazer, it comes in both crew neck and v-neck styles, never appearing baggy or shapeless. The Aeon Sweater doesn’t require chemical dry cleaning or pressing, and comes in deep cobalt, light grey, and oxford blue. It has the look of business casual but the feel of athletic-wear. The proof’s in the details:

  • Enhanced mobility through 4-way stretch
  • Brushed interior for a soft, “new sweatshirt” feel
  • Moisture wicking, coffee-infused fibers absorb odors and wicks away sweat
  • Fabric compositions engineered to resist wrinkling

With promo code spin30, you can get the Aeon Sweater for less than $40. The daily grind can be unpredictable, so be prepared for whatever your day throws at you. Get 30% off the Aeon Sweater with Ministry of Supply now. Promo code expires 3/31 at midnight.


Transition Into Spring With Menswear That’s Made To Move (30% Off)

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