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The Kawartha Base Camp Blanket is a versatile travel companion, perfect for any beach day, camping trip, tailgate, or picnic. It’s even great on the porch and in a hammock. Jezebel readers can grab a blanket for just $53 & take 40% off with code BCB40JUN at checkout.


Kawartha designed the Base Camp Blanket (54" x 78" unfolded) from 20D Ripstop Nylon with a durable water repellent finish to withstand liquids and prevent stains. Similar to many sleeping bags, the interior is filled with a synthetic down insulation to maximize warmth yet limiting weight and bulk (1LB 3oz). Each blanket comes with a velcro pocket to hold small belongings and a stuff sack (16" x 7.5") for compact storage. Plus, take advantage of the 8 grommets (4 on each side) to tie up and stake anywhere on a windy day.

Choose from one single blanket in either maroon/blue or navy/gray ($53), or grab a combo pack for $98. Enter code BCB40JUN at checkout to save 40% on your entire order.


This Packable, Lightweight Blanket Is An Outdoor Essential (40% Off)

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