The vitamin aisle has always been a confusing place lacking helpful guidance for what you need. Take the Care/Of quiz and get truly personalized vitamins delivered to you with detailed info showing the benefits of each and the medical studies to back it up. Get half off your first month with promo code 50SPIN.

If you have certain health goals, are on a specific diet, or just want to improve your health in specific areas, Care/Of is not just an easy option but thoughtful and informative. They make their own line of vitamins and supplements, from quality ingredients (think fish oil from Wild Alaskan Salmon) so everything you get is going through the same R&D and clean production practices.


Take the quick survey, answering questions about your top priorities (brain, energy, heart, immunity, skin, digestion, stress, and bones) and specifics surrounding each. You’ll get your recommended vitamins, which priority it correlates to, its history and intended benefits, and the research behind it. Then choose the ones you want and get your personalized pack delivered monthly.

Prices start at $20/month and vary based on what’s in your pack. Your vitamins are delivered in boxes designed to look at home on your kitchen counter, with individual packs inside for easy daily use. Use promo code 50SPIN and get your first two weeks free. Promo code is applied at checkout after completing the survey.

Take The Care/Of Quiz And Get Your First Two Weeks Of Personalized Vitamins Free

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