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Just because you’re young with an equally young credit history doesn’t mean you should be paying higher rates on your student loans. Refinance now with Earnest, the technology company that determines financial responsibility with data beyond traditional credit scores. Pay less and get an exclusive $200 cash signing bonus.


Earnest knows that what constitutes being financially responsible is more than a single credit score. So to determine rates Earnest looks at education, employment history, retirement contributions and frequency, non-retirement investments and an increase of savings as well as decreasing debt balance.

Tens of thousands of data points are made by analyzing these balances over time and determining a rate for each individual. This makes for a much more holistic approach than the traditional and blunt credit score. By measuring all these data points Earnest brings you Student Loan Refinancing that’s truly unique and personalized to your specific financial profile.


Here are some highlights:

  • Rates start at 1.90% APR variable (with autopay) and 3.50% APR fixed (with autopay)
  • Ability to change your loan as your life and needs change - change your terms for free, switch between fixed and variable rates, change payment dates, even skip one payment per year and make it up later
  • Unemployment protection - pause your monthly payments when between jobs
  • No origination, application, or prepayment fees

Student loans suck — customer service is non-existent, terms are inflexible and you’re likely overpaying on interest rates. So have Earnest make your loans fit your life now, and as it changes. Get an estimate in under two minutes, and if you sign up, enjoy an exclusive $200 cash signing bonus just for Lifehacker readers.


Take Control Of Your Student Loans With Flexible Payments + A $200 Bonus

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