Take 20% Off The Blunt Umbrella, The Last You'll Ever Need ($48)

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We’ve all the seen the streets become an umbrella graveyard after an average rain storm and it’s only because most are so poorly designed and built with cheap materials. Then there’s Blunt Umbrellas, made with a patented tension system and backed with a 5 year warranty. Take 20% off with promo code NYNEW20 and get yours starting at $48.


Blunt wants to do away with throw-away culture and the 700-million umbrellas that get tossed each year. Built in New Zealand where wild weather is common, they came up with their patented Radical Tensioning System, which creates a fully taut canopy by stretching the material to the edges of the umbrella. This allows the Blunt to have a narrower profile and become aerodynamic, disbursing the wind easier than traditional designs that break under duress. The Blunt is wind tested up to 72-mph, undergoes a 38 point quality control check, and has a UV protection rating of 96%.

And they look good too, as noted by our friends on the Commerce side:

These rounded edges also give Blunts a modern look that puts them far above the competition when it comes to aesthetics.


Plus you can buy a Tile bluetooth tracker with the Blunt so you’ll never lose it. Take 20% off your Blunt and get it starting at $48, and toss out the throw away culture of umbrellas. Use promo code NYNEW20.

Take 20% Off The Blunt Umbrella, The Last You’ll Ever Need ($48)

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