Mott & Bow has taken their denim game above the waist to create extra soft cotton button down shirts. Deadspin readers can grab one starting at $71 with promo code MABSHIRTS, a savings of 20%.

Mott & Bow’s shirts are made from 100% Italian cotton that’s soft and durable, built at an ideal length designed to be worn tucked or untucked. These shirts have a slim fit but with enough space in your chest and waist so there’s never constraint of movement. Choose from three denim washes including light, medium, and dark blue with collar options in both semi spread and button down. Or if you’re stocked up on denim, check out Mott & Bow’s Kent cotton shirts perfect for rounding out your wardrobe. Use code MABSHIRTS at checkout to save 20% on your first order.

Take 20% Off Mott & Bow’s Italian Denim Shirts

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