Innovative companies like Leesa make getting the right mattress painless with no showroom visit required. Just pick from two highly engineered mattresses, each with a universally adaptive feel. Get $100 off any Leesa mattress, or $200 off any Sapira hybrid mattress (foam + springs) with code GMG, plus free shipping.

The Leesa Foam mattress (prices start at $525) is 100% American made with three foam layers combined to create a universal feel, satisfying any sleep preference.. The base layer is a 6-inch dense core foam for durability and edge support, followed by 2-inches of memory foam for body contouring and cushion. Lastly, the proprietary 2-inch top layer of Avena foam™ is perforated to provide a cooler night’s sleep and reduces the sinking feeling of traditional foam mattresses. And the Sapira luxury hybrid mattress combines Leesa’s premium cooling and pressure reliving foams with an advanced pocket spring system between two layers of 1" stabilizing foam to provide additional support.

Both mattresses are shipped to your door for free, compressed in a box, and you’ll get a 100-night risk free trial to experience their benefits in the comfort of your own home. Leesa also has a unique way of giving back. With their One-Ten program, one mattress is donated to a shelter for every ten sold. And with every mattress sold they plant a tree, with a pledge to plant one million by 2025. Get $100 off any Leesa mattress, or $200 off any Sapira hybrid mattress (foam + springs). Use code GMG.

Take $100 Off The Leesa Mattress And Start Sleeping Better + Free Shipping

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