The All-Purpose Bag from Hide & Drink accommodates your belongings and keeps you organized. With a slim and compact design, the All-Purpose Bag is easy to pack and is ideal for traveling, bathroom drawers, or the car. Save 50% and snag one now for $24.50 with promo code 50BAG.

Handmade with 100% full grain leather, the All-Purpose Bag sports durable double stitched seams and a Brooklyn-based YKK zipper for a rustic look. Store a variety of items from tools and office supplies to toiletries and shaving accessories. Available in both Bourbon Brown and Swayze Suede, an All-Purpose Bag is just $24.50 after the discount. Plus, Hide & Drink offers additional home products like Pint Sleeves, Fire Mitts, and Aprons.

Keep your belongings organized in one place with a All-Purpose Bag from Hide & Drink. Save 50% and grab one now for $24.50 with promo code 50BAG.

Store Your Gear In This Handmade, Leather All-Purpose Bag for 50% Off

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