Mack Weldon makes the daily essentials with quality fabrics and designs so you feel comfortable wherever you go. Save 20% on your first order, just use code GZMW2018 at checkout.

Here’s how Mack Weldon has built a great fit and feel into their underwear:

  • Fabric - made from equal parts soft Lenzing Modal and breathable pima cotton, plus the additional 5% elastic lycra for that slight but necessary stretch.
  • Staying Put - the waistband is just the right height and the stay put leg design, inspired by cycling shorts, uses an elastic that stays put but does not constrain.
  • Airflow - the mesh cool zones (pique panels) are in the lower back area and near the fly. The pique mesh allows for extra airflow.

Mack Weldon believes these will be your most comfortable underwear yet. If it’s not they’ll send you a new style, size, or offer a full refund. Choose from boxer briefs ($19), trunks ($18), briefs ($19), and boxers ($22) in 5 sizes and up to 16 different colors / designs depending on the style. Get 20% off your first order when you use code GZMW2018.

Stay Comfortable All Day With The Right Fit & Fabric From Mack Weldon (20% Off)

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