Slip On Socks Engineered For Comfort & Leisure: 20% Off With Bombas

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Putting on a good pair of socks not only gets your morning started off on the right foot, but you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day. Get 20% off on your first Bombas order and see how easy and worthwhile it is to treat your feet well. Use promo code GAWK20.


Bombas has created an athletic sock for daily use that offers maximum comfort while helping to get socks on the feet of those in need. They gave lifestyle socks a make over and built the business around donating a pair of socks to homeless shelters for each pair purchased. Here’s how they reinvented the sock:

  • Made of long staple pima cotton that’s moisture wicking
  • A Y-stitch to naturally cup your heel and honey comb stitching at your arch for additional support and tightness
  • Stay up technology that has the perfect amount of elasticity and tension to keep your socks up without constricting (calf socks only)
  • A small ankle cushion built where your foot hits the shoe
  • A hand linked seam to eliminate the bump that runs across the toes

Bombas has many colors and styles to choose from including their new Winter Holiday collection. After the discount, pairs start at just $9.60, or grab a four-pack for $36.48. Receive 20% off your first order plus free shipping on orders $30 or more with promo code GAWK20.


Slip On Socks Engineered For Comfort & Leisure: 20% Off + Free Shipping

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