Avoid the hassle of a retailer and ensure your jeans are the perfect fit with a pair from Mott & Bow. Readers can get two different sizes delivered and return the pair that doesn’t fit for free. Try Mott & Bow and get 20% off your first order with code MABKOT20.

The Free Try-On Program is the best thing to happen to shopping since the internet. You pick the pair of jeans you want plus a second waist size. Mott & Bow sends you both so you can you see which fits better. With the prepaid shipping label, just box up the pair you don’t like and drop them off at Fedex. Choose from skinny, slim, and straight fit jeans in 15 different styles (fabric and color combos). Plus, check out the newly released Dynamic Stretch Wooster denim, perfect for active wear or lounging.

A pair of jeans is $96, but at 20% off, your first pair is just $77. And the 20% off applies to your entire first order, not just a single pair. Ditch the changing room and shop efficiently with Mott & Bow. Use promo code MABKOT20.

Skip The Dressing Room and Save 20% On Handmade Jeans From Mott & Bow

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