Status Audio created the HD One headphones to deliver great sound with a classic look. In case you missed it on Prime Day, you can now grab a pair for 50% off, just $22 with code HDONE50.

By operating on a direct-to-consumer model and eliminating superficial expenses like large marketing campaigns and PR company retainers, Status Audio brings you affordable audio without jeopardizing the sound quality. Here’s what you’ll get with the HD One on-ear headphones:

  • Detachable, anti-tangle headphone cable - so a busted cable won’t render the headphones useless
  • One-button inline microphone and remote so you can easily answer calls and control music playback (compatible with all smartphones)
  • 40mm drivers: deep articulated bass, a present mid-range, defined highs
  • Wide stereo image - ideal for video games that work with vast spatial locations (1st-person shooters)
  • Logo-free, rubberized matte finish earpieces - keep them clean and simple or make them your own brand

Enjoy your favorite music without being a walking billboard. Get the HD One Headphones for $22 using promo code HDONE50 and save 50%.

Save An Exclusive 50% On Status Audio: Quality Sound That’s Logo Free ($22)

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