Save 50% On A Portable, Lightweight Hammock From Kawartha ($27)

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The packable HiRise Hammock is the perfect complement to any day outside. Save 50% and grab one for just $27 using code GMGHAM at checkout.


Kawartha designed the HiRise Hammock (110" x 56" unfolded) from 210T Parachute Nylon that’s smooth, breathable, and quick drying. Each hammock includes two 9ft suspension straps with 30 combined adjustment points (holds up to 330 lbs), which make for an easy setup on trees, boulders, beams, or whatever else you can find. Plus, the stuff sack (8" x 10") makes packing simple and it doubles as a pocket to hold all your belongings while you relax.

Choose from four styles including blue/grey, orange/grey, white/grey, and lime/grey. Save 50% and snag a hammock for just $27 with code GMGHAM.


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