Save 25% On The Dr. Squatch Natural Soap 4-Pack ($27)

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Subjecting yourself to soap that leaves your skin irritated and dry is unnecessary and downright irresponsible. Take 25% off the favorites bundle from natural soap maker Dr. Squatch and treat your skin to three different scents plus a soap saver for $27.


Dr. Squatch soap is hand-made using the traditional cold press process. This means retaining the glycerin so that, along with coconut and olive oils, the soap leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth, and refreshed.

With the Dr. Squatch Natural Soap favorites bundle you’ll get:

  • Gold Moss - A solid earthy smell based in woodsy oak notes
  • Pine Tar - Made with real pine extract for ultra-manly scent that’s balanced out by nourishing oatmeal and soothing shea butter
  • Cedar Citrus - A refreshing blend of cedar and zesty orange oils
  • Soap Saver - This cedar wood block extends the life of your soap by allowing it to dry out quicker with six slats and also reduces shower scum

Order your Dr. Squatch favorites bundle for just $27 and save 25%. You’ll smell great and you’ll leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

Save 25% On The Dr. Squatch Natural Soap 4-Pack ($27)

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