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Blue Apron Wine now offers high-quality reds, whites, and rosés from popular brands, great for pairing with dinner or enjoying at any occasion. Sign up now and save $25 on your first order of six Blue Apron-exclusive bottles (three white & three red) for just $41. Shipping included. Skip or cancel at anytime. 


By working directly with vineyards, Blue Apron sends you exclusive wines from popular brands, at winery-direct prices. From fruity California reds to crisp Washington whites, you get three whites and three reds (or seasonal rosé) for just $10 per bottle. The acclaimed wineries working with Blue Apron include Brick & Mortar, Cold Heaven, and Benziger Family Winery, to name a few. Every bottle is accompanied by a tasting card, highlighting information about the winemakers, the region, and perfect food pairings.

Blue Apron’s bottles are 500mL (2/3 the size of a standard-sized bottle), a popular fixture in Europe and perfectly portioned for two to share. Sign-up for Blue Apron Wine and receive six bottles for just $41. Shipping included. Skip/cancel at any time. Note: brands listed aren’t guaranteed in your order.


Save $25 On Blue Apron Wine: Exclusive Reds & Whites Delivered To You Monthly

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