TREBLAB’s J1 Earbuds combine HD sound quality, noise canceling technology, and wireless comfort. Save 10% and get them for just $36 using code GIZMDJ10.

The J1's are powered by 4.1 CSR and aptX Bluetooth technology, enhancing the wireless sound quality to provide you with continued high-fidelity at increased volumes. The earbuds are designed with soft and secure silicone ear tips that comfortably fit around your ears and isolate noise. Here are a few other highlights:

  • Built-in mic includes CvC 6.0 noise cancellation technology and is placed on the wire close to your mouth
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life with a 2-hour charge
  • Up to 38 feet of signal range
  • Supports multiple device connection

The J1's are water resistant and come in both black and white including a sleek carrying case for added protection. Save 10% and grab a pair from TREBLAB for just $36 using code GIZMDJ10.


Save 10% On These HD Bluetooth Earbuds With Advanced Noise Isolation ($36)

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