We care about the ingredients in the products we use, so why should our tampons be any different? LOLA, the all-natural feminine care brand with products that are simple, natural, and easy to feel good about. Grab your first box at 60% off with code JEZEBELOCT.

The LOLA founders were like most women, buying the same tampons and not satisfied with what they discovered. So LOLA was born, feminine care products made from 100% organic cotton without use of any synthetics, harsh chemicals, fragrances, or dyes.


Choose your assortment of tampons from light, regular, super, or super+ options. Starting at $3.60 for one box with the discount, choose to receive one, two, or three boxes in either applicator or non-applicator options and have them delivered every month or two months. In addition to tampons, LOLA offers ultra thin organic cotton liners and pads starting at $1 for one box, plus their First Period Kit for $34 includes pads, liners, and tampons for girls experiencing their first period.

So make the switch to 100% organic cotton and receive your first box for 60% off with promo code JEZEBELOCT.

Raise Your Standards With LOLA Natural Feminine Care Products (60% Off)

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