Using an old, bristle-splayed toothbrush is an underrated gross practice. That’s why Quip delivers well designed toothbrushes and toothpaste with replacement heads sent every three months. Get Quip for $40 and receive a free brush head replacement and toothpaste refill, plus free shipping.

A little help organizing can go a long way, that’s why Quip created an all in one solution for brushing your teeth. With Quip you’ll choose:

  • An aluminum ($40) or colored plastic matte ($25) handle with a suction wall mount which doubles as a travel cover to help store hygienically
  • Then choose fresh brush heads delivered every 3 months for $5
  • Or fresh brush heads plus full and travel sized toothpaste for $10

Quip has soft bristle heads that are easy on your gums and a vibrating handle with a two-minute timer and guiding pulses every 30 seconds to help correct technique. And with new heads delivered automatically, you’ll know exactly when to change the head, always staying fresh. Plus the toothpaste has active flouride ingredients for fighting cavities without enamel damaging additives.

Brushing’s good, but brushing your teeth correctly with a fresh head is even better (you should probably still floss). Do your dentist a favor for once, get Quip now and permanently check some items off your annoying pharmacy shopping list.

Quip Electric Toothbrush + Free 3-Month Brush Head and Toothpaste Refill

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