Privacy is the easiest way to keep your money and identity safe from credit card hacks and fraud. Not only can you use Privacy safely for free, they’ll also give you $5 to test a purchase or put towards something bigger. Try it now for free.

Privacy is a novel, but simple concept. You create virtual cards with the Privacy browser extension and keep your real cards and data hidden. Lifehacker aptly compares it to creating a Gmail email address like “” so if and when you get spam, you know who sold your email address to a list. Privacy is the same concept but for your bank account. You can create two types of cards, with specific use cases for each:

  • Regular Cards are great for merchants you trust and shop with frequently (Amazon). Or if you’re signing up for a subscription service you’re likely to return to (Netflix). For added security, set transaction limits.
  • Burner Cards are perfect for merchants you don’t trust, and who you’re unlikely to return to the in the future. The card is closed upon completion of a single purchase. They’re also useful for that subscription service you want try while avoid being auto-enrolled into recurring payments.

If a merchant gets hacked you can deactivate your card immediately without headaches or concern. And to date, Privacy has blocked over $50-million in fraudulent or unwanted charges. Sign-up free and get $5 to spend as you wish.

Make Free Virtual Burner Cards With And Keep Your Data Safe + $5 To Spend

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