Cuddle Clones will make a custom, hand-crafted stuffed animal clone of any of your beloved pets. Whether it’s a keepsake after a pet has passed or something for a current pet, they’re incredibly fun. Take $50 off your Cuddle Clone with code CC50 and get one made for $200. Allow 5-7 weeks for your clone to be created, these will not be ready for the holidays.

Here’s how Cuddle Clones works:

  • Enter your pets name, the type of animal, breed, and weight.
  • Upload images (only one is needed, but the more you provide showing specific details and views, the more realistic your clone will be).
  • Choose the position of the stuffed animal (sitting, standing, lying), as well as mouth, tongue, ear, and tail positions.
  • Add each eyes color and describe any physical characteristics that you think are important that should stand out in your stuffed animal.

In addition to getting a unique stuffed animal of your pet, a portion of every purchase (1%-2%) is donated to a pet in need (medical treatment), a shelter, or animal welfare organization. Use promo code CC50 and get your Cuddle Clone started today. Approximate delivery is January 15, 2017.

Make A Custom Clone That Looks Just Like Your Pet And Get $50 Off

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