Mack Weldon engineers socks that keep your feet comfortable all day through the right fit and fabric. Receive 20% off any pair of Mack Weldon socks with code GZMW2018.

Mack Weldon socks are made from a soft combed cotton with the right amount stretch to keep its shape and stay in place. The “cushioned foot-bed” is twice as thick as a normal sock to make each step more comfortable, while the seamless heel and toe adds durability for more wear and less tear. These socks take the technical capabilities of an athletic sock and blend them with the look of a dress sock, pairing well with sneakers, oxfords, and everything in between. Starting at $11.50 with the discount, select from numerous color combos/styles including the Everyday, Fabircs, and No Show Cool.

So treat your feet to a pair of socks from Mack Weldon and save 20% off with code GZMW2018.

Mack Weldon Socks: The Right Fabric For Enhanced Comfort (20% Off)

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