If you’re looking to expand your website and manage content more efficiently, look no further than HostGator Cloud. Starting at $4.48/month for 36 months, Lifehacker readers can sign up for HostGator’s Cloud Hosting and save 50% on the plan of your choice, over any timeframe.

With low-density servers and multiple caching layers, HostGator provides you with the resources to help take your website to the next level. The intuitive dashboard allows you to review performance as your site grows with one simple click - no data migrations, downtime, or reboots. Choose from three plans: the Hatchling, the Baby, and the Business. Pricing starts at $4.48/month for 36 months. Or if you prefer to go month to month, plans begin at $6.48/month. Here are a few features and highlights:

  • Unmetered bandwidth & storage
  • Shared SSL certificate to encrypt your e-commerce customer data
  • Personal dashboard providing a quick view of usage trends, page download speed, uptime, global reach, & more.
  • Integrated caching, automated failover, and data mirroring
  • 2 GB of memory and 2 Core CPU

HostGator offers stable and reliable cloud hosting that grows as your site expands, so sign-up now and save 50% on the plan of your choice, over any timeframe. Available for new customers only. Discount applied at checkout.


Let Your Online Presence Grow Seamlessly With HostGator Cloud (50% Off)

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