The Kawartha Camp Chair is here to help you prepare for your next tailgate or Fall camping trip. Enter in promo code CC50OCT at checkout and save 50% off (just $45) on this comfortable camp chair from Kawartha.

The Kawartha Camp Chair is the outdoor companion you’ve always wanted for camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor concerts, and tailgating. While it weighs in at a mere 1lb 7oz, it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds with unfolded dimensions of 26” x 21” x 21.” When packed it’s only 14 x 5 inches so a regular-sized backpack can easily hold four chairs. Additionally, Kawartha assembles in under 30 seconds using a hub a pole system of anodized aluminum, just like a tent.


Whether you’re looking for something to relax in after a long day on the trail or you’re just going to knock a few back before the game, this chair works in any outdoor setting. Save 50% using promo code CC50OCT and get the Kawartha Camp Chair for $45.

Kick Back In This Relaxing, Foldable Chair During Your Next Camping Trip (50% Off)

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