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It’s time to clean up our act in the bathroom. Not only is wiping archaic and ineffective, it’s an enormous drain on natural resources. Get squeaky clean with a spray from the sleek Tushy bidet. Save 15% on yours and get it for just $59 with code DEADSPIN.


Tushy is a simple bidet that attaches to your toilet in 10 minutes (it connects directly to the fresh water supply behind the toilet) without the need of any plumbing or electricity. It’s just as easy to use too, with a one-touch pressure control, simply turn the knob and spray. Choose the classic Cool Water Tushy or the Warm+Cool Tushy with temperature control, the Warm+Cool Tushy requires a separate water line, which means your toilet must be next to the sink. Plus, readers can select from three color combinations: White/Silver, Black/Gold, and the newly released White/Gold Royale (limited edition).

Tushy not only feels better, it offers a healthy lifestyle upgrade. Bidets are more effective at washing away bacteria than wiping, so you’re less likely to get UTIs and yeast infections, and it’s much less irritating on hemorrhoids. It also helps you save over 50 gallons of water a week. While it takes 37 gallons to make a single roll of toilet paper (the average person uses 1.5 a week), Tushy uses just 1/8 a gallon per use.


Take care of business in the most sanitary, satisfying way possible. And do it while saving 15% with a Tushy bidet starting from just $59 with code DEADSPIN. Discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

Keep It Clean & Upgrade Your Toilet With A Sleek Bidet From Tushy (15% Off)

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