Noah Kagan, an early employee at Facebook and Mint and successful entrepreneur, wants you to jumpstart your business. So he launched an online course called How to Make $1,000 a Month in Business. It teaches you how to start your own business with skills you already have. Check out what's included and read real stories from entrepreneurs who have taken the course.

What this course is

Noah's course is a step-by-step blueprint to help you create the job you want to go to on a Monday. It also provides real-human accountability and access to a private entrepreneur community of over 3,000 others like yourself. Successful businesses that have been created via the course include: digital products, consulting services, physical products, SaaS businesses, and food products.

What this course will do for you

It'll help you get to the financial freedom you've wanted but have failed or lacked clarity to make a reality. If you want a get rich quick scheme or overnight success this is NOT for you. Noah's course will challenge you and be fun but will ultimately help you get what you want if you're looking to start a profitable business.

Get out of your cubicle. Create the job you want to go to on a Monday! - Noah

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1. Arielle built a simple online service for collecting overdue payments from clients

Arielle started the course with debt and financial stress glaring her in the face. After the course, she launched a collections service which doubled her income in 30 days. She followed Noah's advice of figuring out what her customers needed (in this case, assistance with collecting money they were owed!) and focused on delivering just that. The skills required were things that she was already good at — communicating, scheduling, and negotiating.

Follow the process! The course works, your way hasn't. Change your mind set, stop thinking negatively. If you say you can't make money or start a business, you won't. Stop reading books, blogs, and articles to become an expert. You become an expert by doing and gaining experience, not reading. If you're reading, apply the new knowledge.

2. Bryan made tutorials about something he was good at (making videos)

Bryan was stuck with a couple of software products and $500 in monthly revenue. After Noah's course, he focused on what he was good at and grew the stronger products plus some freelance gigs to $12,000 in monthly revenue.

When I first had the idea for my business I actually wanted to create a monthly subscription piece of software. However, this would have taken 6+ months and $30-50k to build. The course taught me how to validate my idea MUCH quicker and for no money at all.

3. Brian went from Shark Tank couch fan to international biz guy

Brian started out by yelling at entrepreneurs pitching their businesses on TV and wondering how the heck they could have products but no revenue. Brian's problem was the reverse, lots of ideas and sales ability but no product. So he got started with the course and committed to delivering a product, no matter how simple the construction. In fact, he lined up orders with his sales ability before he even had product to ship. Brian is now up to $1,000 in revenue with orders of his homemade posture aid device shipping to Singapore, Canada, and Germany.

Overcome your need for things to be perfect. If it works, and you deliver a great experience, then it's ready. I use foam and duct tape to make custom designs. I use a great landing page site called Strikingly for my product, Backplane.

4. Bridget grew her HR business by helping one new client each day

Bridget was trying to grow an HR consultancy to help clients interview, hire, and train staff. But she was spending too much money figuring out how to get her business off the ground and not making any revenue. After taking Noah's course in May 2013, Bridget has grown her HR biz to $13,000 total revenue. She now focuses on exactly what her customers need by constantly asking questions of her customers and then she provides that back to them with HR skills she already has.

The first key I learned from Noah was to simplify and validate my ideas by asking myself "How can I help one person today and have them be happy to pay me for it?

5. Yael boosted her workshop series to a sold-out event business

Yael was running events that were poorly attended and weakly priced. After taking the course, Yael focused her efforts and more than doubled her event business's monthly revenue to $6,000 per month. Prior to the course, she was less inclined to negotiate for pay and hadn't figured out how to fit her product to the market. After the course, Yael is more experimental with her workshops and pricing, negotiates more aggressively, and puts more energy into actively doing not just passively measuring her business.

I now get more targeted clients and work (freelance) stemming specifically from this workshop since I focused on things people needed.

6. Ben and Anthony turned a lunch break idea into a personalized handwriting-to-font service

While taking the course and stepping out for a burrito, Ben was talking on the phone to Anthony when they started getting excited about a new idea. It was an online service that would turn your handwriting into a personalized font. A customer at the burrito shop overheard them talking and vowed to be their first customer. After finishing the course and launching their font service, they're already up to $600 in orders.

Instructors and classmates were invaluable. I got the feedback & ass-kicking I needed to get out of my comfort zone and make measurable progress.

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Get started for $35 per month which is barely a buck a day. You'll learn how to create a blueprint for your business, be accountable for your progress, and get access to other interesting people who are starting businesses. Noah's course is all about giving you the motivation and framework for driving yourself forward.

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