Nothing kills office productivity at the PC (aside from an annoying co-worker) more than headaches or eye strain. A solution is in sight: Gunnar Optiks offers comfortable and stylish frames that help you stay focused on what is on the screen in front of you. Plus, they're now available for a limited time for 20% off.

Upgrade your eyeballs with the Gunnar Optiks lenses. They're available for those with 20/20 vision or for those needing prescription lenses* which are administered by Carl Zeiss Vision. You'll get improved visual endurance and will never have to worry again about staring at your computer screen(s) for a long period of time. Gunnar Optiks lenses are made with form and function in mind: they are available in dozens of styles and the lenses themselves are specifically engineered to reduce digital eye strain while improving contrast, comfort, and focus. Even designers will appreciate lenses specifically tailored to them with Gunnar's crystalline lenses. And all styles of Gunnar glasses can be had for 20% off. Gunnar says you should see the difference within two weeks, and to sweeten the deal, you'll get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Former Lifehacker writer Jason Chen has written numerous articles about how much he loves his Gunnars. And readers alike also love their Gunnars. They sit closer to the face to allow for a more comfortable viewing experience, ensuring that your eyeballs stay moist, which helps curtail eye fatigue. Whether you're programming, designing, prospecting, sending emails, typing out a report, or (gasp) gaming, these glasses are wholly suited for your on-screen experience, making sure that it's a comfortable one.

Gunnar glasses are available in 18 styles and combine style, comfort, and function. Lenses are made with a patented technology that ensure for the utmost in eye comfort, ensuring that your coding, typing, or gaming marathons actually last break-free. Gunnar lenses are built to filter out harsh artificial light and glare, making sure you remain focused and uninterrupted. If you're all about getting things done, Gunnars will help lead the way—and your eyes will thank you.

* Gunnar Optiks lenses are covered by most standard VSP insurance plans.