WavesGear just updated their floating sunglasses and now they’re not only polarized, they’re reflective too. Get 40% off with promo code JAN-FS40 (offer valid site wide) and grab a pair for just $24.

While these are ideal sunglasses for water sports, they’re equally useful hiding when hungover, relaxing at the beach or pool, tubing down a river, or day-to-day in the city. They’re polarized and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, the same as major designer brands. The best part though is that the frames are made from proprietary unsinkable plastic which makes them very light-weight but incredibly durable. And, you won’t have to think about wearing sunglass straps ever again.

Choose from four styles: the new Reflective, City, Classic, and Sport with six color choices, white, tortoise, gray, navy blue, red, and black (sport only available in black). And each pair comes with a micro-fiber carrying pouch/lense cleaner. Grab the Waves reflective shades for just $24 and save 40% with promo code JAN-FS40 (offer valid site wide).

Grab a Pair of Reflective, Polarized Sunglasses that Float (40% Off) 

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