If you own a smartphone then having a USB keychain cable is the easiest way to stay charged and connected. Grab two TOCCs snap cables for $15, a savings of 75%. Both Apple and Android fans can get in on the fun, choose from lightning or micro usb connections. Plus, there’s free shipping!

With TOCCs Snap Cables, you’ll get sturdy hook clips that can go onto keychains, backpacks, purses, and luggage. They’re portable and lightweight but made with a durable, reinforced plastic body. Grab two for $15 (lightning or micro usb) and save 75%. Grab two lightning, two micro usb, or one of each.


Meh.com was founded by the same people who started Woot.com. They continue to innovate in the ecommerce space with solutions like checkout.org. Simply sign in at the checkout.org page to begin the purchase process and save 75% on two TOCCs Snap Cables
plus get free shipping.

Grab 2 TOCCs Snap Cables For $15: Choose Lightning or Micro USB

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