Hubble is the first direct to consumer contact lens brand, delivering daily contacts to subscribers on a monthly basis. Get your first order (two weeks) free and just pay the $3 shipping and handling fee. After which you’ll pay just $30 monthly for your contacts.

While direct-to-consumer has been the in vogue description for many new online brands, for Hubble, it really does set them apart (the Commerce team helps breaks this down). Contact lens users know how easy it is to over-wear contacts, so Hubble streamlined an easy to put off task by delivering you FDA-approved contacts on a monthly basis. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your prescription (power options range from -0.50 to -12.00 and +0.5 to +6.0). Toric lenses are not yet offered but should be later this year.
  • Next, find your doctor’s name in their database or enter it manually if they’re not listed.
  • From here you simply check-out by entering your billing and shipping information.
  • Note: Hubble will confirm your prescription is up to date and verify it with each subsequent order. If your prescription has expired or you don’t yet have an eye doctor you can set up an exam directly in their system.

Daily contacts are the healthiest option for your eyes, and knowing there’s always a steady supply coming to you from Hubble, you’ll never over-wear a pair. So get your first two weeks free with Hubble.

Get Your First Two Weeks Of Daily Contacts Delivered For Free With Hubble ($3 S/H)

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