Imagine having an delicious smoothie at your fingertips anytime, without any effort. Daily Harvest makes healthy eating easy with 30-second smoothies, delivered in pre-portioned cups right to your door. Just blend and enjoy. No prep, no sweat. Use code GAWKER2 to get two free smoothies with your plan.

Every Daily Harvest recipe is crafted by a nutritionist and Michelin-trained chef to achieve the optimal balance of taste and healthy nutrients. The fruits and veggies are frozen on site where they’re picked, preserving more nutritional value than fresh produce that’s been off the vine for three days. Plus there’s no added sugars or refined ingredients.

Pick from 14 different superfood-packed smoothies like Strawberry Peach Reviver, Watermelon Cucumber Hydrator, Apple Greens Detox, and Cold Brew Almond Energizer. Delivery schedules are flexible and designed to fit your life (and freezer): you can choose a weekly delivery of 6 ($7.99 each) or 12 ($7.49 each), or opt for a monthly delivery or 24 ($6.99 each).

Smoothie ingredients come frozen and pre-portioned in their own cup so you can easily store them in the freezer. When you’re ready for your smoothie pour everything into the blender, add your own favorite base (think coconut water), pour the smoothie into the cup and go. No waste. No fuss. Use promo code GAWKER2 and get two free smoothies with any plan plus free shipping.

Order Daily Harvest and Get Two Free Smoothies + Free Shipping

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