Sign up for Coursera and get free access to audit (almost) any class in their catalog, all of which are university courses taught by their respective professors. To complete the course pay as low as $39 and get certified. Cancel anytime.

Coursera’s content stands out because it’s created and taught by professors and instructors from the world’s top universities, including Stanford, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Duke, among others. Gain free access to course content (minus the quizzes, assignments, and certifications) from Coursera’s widely diverse lecture catalog in subjects like Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency Technology, and R Programming. Plus, there are no prerequisites, so anyone can enroll at anytime. Here are a few Lifehacker favorites:

“If you’re interested in getting more into the specifics of how gamification works, Coursera’s free Gamification course is a solid place to start. The class runs through game design, psychology, and more.” -Lifehacker


“If you’re planning on cranking out the next great novel this November for NaNoWriMo, you might want to sharpen your craft first. These online courses will get your creative writing skills in ship shape” -Lifehacker

Then complete the course with a Coursera membership for as low as $39, where you’ll be granted full access to instructor(s), quizzes, assignments, and community discussion forums. Plus, each time you finish a new course, you’ll receive a shareable course certificate. Receive free access to audit (almost) any course now. Read the full Lifehacker posts here: Gamification and Writing.

Get Free Access To In-Depth Courses From Top University Professors With Coursera

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