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Transformers has been a consistently popular franchise for more than three decades and has had success in the world of toys, tv shows, blockbuster films, video games, and comics. But it all began with the Generation One animated series that spanned 98 episodes. And for the first time you can get every episode to stream and download at anytime on Vimeo for $40.


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Generation One tells the story all fans have come to know and love - after years of civil war the Autobots and Decepticons are forced to leave their home planet, Cybertron. While searching for a new planet and energy sources, a fight breaks out that causes the bots to crash land on Earth. Millions of years later the bots are rebooted to find themselves on planet that is now ruled by humans, forcing the bots to transform into machines and vehicles of human origin in order to blend in and survive on their new home.


Watch the entire forward thinking story unfold again in the original animated series that spans a total of one day and 13 hours, all for $40. You can download episodes at your convenience or stream across any device whenever you like. If you’d rather rent, you can do so for 24-hours for $0.99 per episode, or buy episodes al a carte for $2.99. Grab the whole series now for the limited time price of $40 and get an extra 10% off with promo code Gawker10.


Get All 98 Episodes Of The Iconic Transformers Generation 1 Series ($40)

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