Sign Up And Get Clean Energy For Your Home + $20 Off Your Next Utility Bill

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Sign up for Arcadia Power to get a clean energy experience and $20 off your next utility bill. Arcadia Power matches 50% of your energy bill with clean energy at no extra cost, or you can go 100% clean for just a few extra dollars.


Arcadia Power is not a utility company and their platform doesn’t replace your utilities. They simply connect your utility account to clean energy and find you ways to lower your monthly power bill. Here’s how it works:

  • Take 2 minutes to connect your utility account to Arcadia Power.
  • The Arcadia platform monitors your monthly electricity usage and buys RECs from wind farms to match that usage and let you know when they find ways you can save money.
  • You get a single bill with your local utility charge, details on your clean energy impact, and any savings credits from Arcadia Power. And, they never charge credit card transaction fees, so you earn points on each bill.

In just a few minutes you can sign up and replace your utility bill with all clean energy. That’s it, along with $20 off your next bill.

The premium plan bill will differ based on your apartment or home size and utility usage. Typical bills are between $5-$15.


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