Put your best face forward each morning with a clean shave from Harry’s. Sign-up and get your free trial for just $3 (the cost of shipping) which includes a weighted ergonomic handle, a 5-precision blade head with a lubricating strip and trimmer blade, plus a travel cover and rich lathering shave gel.

Harry’s is German engineered shaving simplicity with a few key components that set them apart.

  • The blade cartridge features a rubber flex hinge that balances elasticity and resistance to help glide more comfortably over the contours of your face.
  • The blade at the top of the cartridge makes it easy to trim your sideburns and hard-to-reach places like under your nose.
  • The Truman handle is made with a weighted core and an ergonomic shape that is designed for in hand comfort that helps you control while shaving.
  • Choose from blue, green, or orange handles.

Make your summer smoother with a Harry’s free trial, you only have to pay $3 which covers the cost of shipping.

Get A Free Harry’s Razor & Shaving Gel, Just Pay $3 For Shipping At Sign-Up

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