The mattress industry has been turned upside down by innovative companies like Leesa who make a single mattress that has a universal adaptive feel. Say goodbye to the mattress showroom with promo code GAWKER75 and get $75 off any mattress (prices start at $525) and have it shipped for free to your door.

The Leesa mattress is 100% American made with three foam layers combined to create a universal feel, satisfying for any sleep preference. The base layer is a 6-inch dense core foam for durability and edge support, followed by 2-inches of memory foam for body contouring and cushion. Lastly, the proprietary 2-inch top layer of Avena foam™ is perforated and convoluted to provide a cooler night’s sleep and reduces the sinking feeling of traditional foam mattresses.


The mattress is shipped to your door for free, compressed in a box, and you’ll get a 100-night risk free trial to experience the hybrid foam in your own home.

Leesa also has a unique way of giving back. With their One-Ten program, one mattress is donated to a shelter for every ten sold. And with every mattress sold they plant a tree, with a pledge to plant one million by 2025. Get $75 off your mattress with promo code GAWKER75 and upgrade your mattress game.

Get $75 Off The Hybrid Foam Leesa Mattress Shipped For Free In A Box

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