Blue Apron is committed to helping you cook seasonal meals that are fun and easy to make in the comfort of your home without having to shop or plan ahead. Start cooking now and save 50% on your first week (three meals for two people), that’s just $30.

Discover unique ingredients that you won’t find at your average supermarket like fairy tale eggplant, tinkerbell peppers and purple beans that turn green when cooked. Because all your ingredients are perfectly pre-portioned, you’ll use everything you receive without wasting time at the store.


Blue Apron also sets high standards for their ingredients. Their culinary and farm partnerships teams work directly with farmers to help plan crop rotations and create recipes based on what’s in season. This way you get the freshest produce delivered straight from the farm with no middleman. Plus, Blue Apron is developing a more sustainable food system by supporting farmers who use regenerative practices, building healthy soil for sourcing sustainable food.

So avoid the hassle of recipe planning and grocery shopping and choose up to three meals each week with Blue Apron. Take 50% off your first box and discover a better way to cook for just $30.

Get 50% Off One Week of Blue Apron: Fresh Ingredient & Recipe Delivery

Blue Apron now delivers to the contiguous United States. Subscriptions auto-renew, if you like it, no action is required. Otherwise, skipping a week’s delivery or canceling must be done prior to the weekly cutoff date. Offer is for new customers only.


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