Having a microfiber towel close by is always a good idea when your traveling, so grab one now from Acteon for just $15 and be prepared on your next trip. That’s 50% off with code GIZSUMMER17.

The Acteon microfiber towel comes in four different designs, and with their unique odor fighting material and compact form, they’re the perfect complement you need for a day at the beach, gym, or any traveling. Here’s all you need to know:

  • The microfiber towel dries 3x quicker than the average cotton towel and absorbs 3x its weight.
  • Unfolded they’re 30" x 64" while easily rolling up to a mere 3" x 3" x 7" with the integrated elastic band.
  • It has a silver ion, anti-bacterial treatment to fight odor.
  • Ultra lightweight: 8.8 oz

Wherever you go with your Acteon you’ll stay clean and dry without taking up extra space. Save 50% and grab yours for $15 with promo code GIZSUMMER17.


Get 50% Off The Acteon Microfiber Towel: Your Go-To Travel Companion ($15)

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