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If you ever work on your car, do home repairs, gardening, or enjoy outdoor activities then getting Grime Boss Hand Wipes are a no brainer. You’ll pay just $21 for 288 extra-large hand wipes. That’s over 65% off, and as always with, shipping is free.


Grime Boss heavy-duty hand wipes offer dual scrubbing surfaces with one side smooth and the other rough for stubborn, stuck on grease. Plus they’re fortified with aloe and vitamin-E to keep hands moisturized but free of any harsh chemicals, so they’re safe to keep around the house. Each wipe is a solid 10.5” long x 7” wide.

Each order comes with 16 packs, each one containing 18 wipes. That means you can keep a few in your garage, tool box, car, patio, kitchen, and wherever else you need. Grime Boss Heavy-Duty Hand Wipes are perfect for cleaning off your hands after any dirty job as well as wiping down any surface, from kitchen counters and to dashboards and wheels.

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Get 288 Grime Boss Heavy-Duty Hand & Surface Wipes, A Garage Must ($21)

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