Pacific Shaving Company is offering a free $5 for use storewide, which can be used towards their unique caffeinated shaving cream and aftershave. Redeem your $5 using promo code 5off5DSpin.

The caffeinated shaving cream and aftershave, like all Pacific Shaving products, are natural and eco-friendly but it's the addition of caffeine that sets them apart. Caffeine can be absorbed through your skin, adding a little kick to your shave, but the real treat is that it's a powerful antioxidant and vasoconstrictor, helping to reduce redness and swelling. This is the natural way to say goodbye to razor burn and hello to a fresher face.

Additionally, Pacific Shaving offers a pre-shave exfoliating wash, daily moisturizer, women's bamboo exfoliating scrub, blade oil to fight blade corrosion, and shaving oil. They even offer a nick stick, a glide on vitamin-E and aloe stick for any minor cuts during shaving. Treat your skin right and get an energy boost when you shave, and while you're at it, enjoy a free $5 to use storewide with promo code 5off5DSpin. Limit one person customer, not available with other offers.

Free $5 from Pacific Shaving: Get Caffeinated Shaving Cream & More

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