Pop Chart Lab, the makers of informative, detailed art (and long recognized by Deadspin and Gizmodo), is offering 55% off all prints in their sale section with promo code 15GAWKER. Sale prints are currently 40% off, the promo code takes an extra 15% off.

Pop Chart Lab specializes in intricate mappings and taxonomies of culturally relevant as well as niche and obscure interests. From food and drinks to sports, music, and fashion, Pop Chart Lab has turned raw data into beautiful designs of useful and fun information.

Here are some of our favorites currently on sale, but you can see them all here.

The Chart of College Sports Teams (24"x36"): $35 now $15.75

The Beatles Song Chart Vol. III (18"x24"): $29 now $13

The Tripled Distilled Diagram of Alcohols (18"x24"): $29 now $13

Each Pop Chart Lab piece is intricate enough to keep you discovering something new with every look. Whatever your interests are, they’ve got you covered. Check out their sale page and get 55% off your order with promo code 15GAWKER. Coupon code expires 6.10.16.

Exclusive 55% Off Pop Chart Lab Prints: Wrestlers, College Teams, Alcohol

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