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Growth hacking is an invaluable skill set that combines marketing knowledge and technical skills that can quickly turn a new company with a handful of users into one with thousands of loyal customers. One Month, an education platform offering online courses to help people learn real-world skills in a single month, is offering Lifehacker readers an exclusive 30% off their mentor-guided Growth Hacking Course.


The Growth Hacking course is perfect for complete beginners, entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers as well as those looking to begin their career, make a change, or diversify their skill set. In the course, hands-on instruction and step-by-step tutorials take you from beginner to advanced, applying lean marketing principles to grow your product. Highlights include:

  • Building your product landing page based on product-market fit, learning customer development, validation, and best-practices in copywriting.
  • Mastering analytics and measuring results with A/B testing, user and event tracking, javascript tracking codes, querying data, segmentation, and funnel reports.
  • Learning email marketing best-practices: How to successfully collect emails, create a 10-day email drip, how and when to use incentives, fundamentals of email copywriting, and mysteries of the double opt-in.
  • Understanding growth strategies by learning about organic content strategy, paid advertising, SEO, public relations, online virality, referral tactics, and retention.

One Month's Growth Hacking Course, however, goes a step further in maintaining a more traditional classroom feel. One Month users get an hour of face-time (online) with their teacher each week, and they can also connect with active peers working through the course on the same schedule, to further classroom engagement.

Enjoy an exclusive 30% off the Growth Hacker course and jump start your new business or marketing career. Classes start at $209 (self-paced) and $349 (mentored). It's not too late to realize your New Year's resolution!


Grow Your Business with One Month's Growth Hacking Course (30% Off)

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