Experience delicious Japanese snacks every month with a hand-picked box of candy from Tokyo Treat. From the sour to the sweet, discover exclusive treats you won’t find anywhere. With code KOTAKU-TT, save 15% on the first box when you choose a monthly plan, plus free shipping.

Based in Japan, Tokyo Treat eliminates the middle-man by working directly with Japanese snack makers to bring you the newest authentic Japanese candy. With subscribers in 93 countries, they deliver a box of full-sized candy each month (nothing miniature or bite-sized), providing you a genuine taste of Japanese culture. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the Small Box with 5-7 full sized candies (first month $12.74)
  • The Regular Box with 8-12 items including a DIY kit to make the candy (first month now $21.24)
  • The Premium Box (first month now $29.74): 13-17 items including a DIY kit, a drink, a limited edition item, plus an exclusive bonus Attack on Titans collectable
  • Choose the monthly plan which includes free worldwide shipping
  • All boxes include a custom booklet with snack descriptions and Japanese folklore

September’s theme features Tokyo Treat’s collaboration with Mirai Suenaga vs. Pokémon characters, where subscribers will either receive items from the collaboration or from Pokémon. With promo code KOTAKU-TT, sign-up for Tokyo Treat now and save 15% on your first box when you choose a monthly plan, plus free worldwide shipping. Code expires 9/15 11:59 PM EST.

Enjoy Japanese Treats With a Monthly Candy Box: 15% Off + Free Shipping

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