MeUndies is the underwear company that brings you soft, comfortable pairs without a trip to the traditional retailer. Receive 20% off your first order, including free shipping right to your door.

MeUndies are made from MicroModal, a material that’s sustainably sourced from beechwood, retains its color, and is three times softer than cotton. Whether you’re in the market for bold prints or classic colors, MeUndies offers an ever changing variety of patterns and prints in styles for men and women. With 20% off, you can purchase solid colors for only $16 and patterns for $20. MeUndies also offers monthly subscriptions, women’s underwear, and other clothes including lounge pants, joggers and tees.

MeUndies was created to save you time and money, so change your day-to-day with a fresh, comfortable pair. Snag a pair of MeUndies today, and if you’re not satisfied they’ll send you a full refund. Receive 20% off your first order and free shipping with MeUndies. Offer not available on packs.

Enhance Your Essentials With Adventurous Styles From MeUndies (20% Off)

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