Postmates is the go to on-demand delivery app. With a couple clicks you can get whatever your want delivered from any restaurant or store, in minutes. Download the Postmates App through us and get $50 in free credit for delivery fees with promo code GIZMODO. Valid for new users (first time downloaders) only.

Here’s how the offer works:

  • As a new user, click here, install the app (mobile) or log-in/sign-up (desktop) but do not become a Postmate unless you want to be a deliverer.
  • Through our link you’ll be able to claim promo code GIZMODO. If you’re on a desktop computer you’ll likely need to enter the promo code in the settings, if you’re on your phone it should auto-apply. If not, enter the code manually.
  • Once claimed, the $50 of credit is yours. Spend it across several small delivery fees or use it on a single massive fee, the choice is yours.
  • Upon receiving your credit, you’ll have 7 days before the credit expires.

Download Postmates for any and all your delivery needs and get $50 in free credit for delivery fees with promo code GIZMODO. Note: the app does not show you how much credit you have left, so keep track of the waived fees you’ve accrued.

Download The Postmates App And Get $50 of Free Credit For Deliveries

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