Download The LYFT App & Get $15 of Free Credit For Rides

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If you need to get somewhere, the LYFT app will get you a ride within minutes. Just request, ride, and pay. If you’re new to the app, download it now through our link and receive $15 in free credit as a first time user via promo code THEROOT.


Here’s how the offer works:

  • As a new user, sign up here and follow the instructions.
  • Our link will allow you to download and claim promo code THEROOT to get the $15 of credit. That $15 is broken out into three $5 credits .
  • The credit works like this: if you take a ride that’s more than $5, one credit will be applied to it, and you’ll pay the remaining balance for that ride. If a ride is less than $5, a credit will be applied and the ride is free.
  • Upon receiving your credit, you’ll have 7 days before the credit expires.

Download The LYFT App And Get $15 of Free Credit For Rides

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