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Why subject yourself to subway overflow or surge pricing when you can cruise the streets in style? Save $100 on any ride (the new Dutch collection or mystery bike not included) from independent bike maker Solé, and get one starting from just $299 plus free shipping. Use promo code SummerFling.


The Whaler is their most popular bike, a quintessential cruiser starting at $499, designed in Venice Beach. It features a rear flip hub that allows you to go from single speed (one-gear) to fixed gear (no brakes, the wheels move with your leg movement). It weighs in at a modest 26 pounds and has 700x25C tires, giving it both speed and comfort. The bike is shipped to your door for free already 90% built, just attach the front wheel, handle bars, and seat. Plus you’ll get a one-year warranty on all bike components while the frame is guaranteed for life.

If you’re looking for something lighter, check out the city cruisers. And for those that need to do a little more than cruising, grab a three speed, built with a maintenance-free Shimano Nexus Internal three-speed hub. Choose from 10 colorways across the 3 models.


Have fun getting around on a contemporary Solé Bicycle and Save $100 with promo code SummerFling, plus free shipping.

Cruise The Streets And Beach In Style On Your Solé Bike ($100 Off)

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