If you’re looking for complete 3D modeling training but don’t want to shell out hundreds for online classes, look no further than Udemy. Learn the skills necessary to create AAA-quality models with “The Complete Blender Creator Course.” Save 30% and start creating now for just $31.

This Udemy course provides comprehensive step-by-step tutorials for those interested in learning the principles of 3D building, animation, and how to bring their creations to life. Here are a few highlights and features from the 9-section, 227-lecture video series:

  • Using the Blender 3D Production Suit and understanding the interface
  • Block modeling, texturing, animation, and particle systems
  • In-depth projects, diagrams, and quality screencasts
  • Immediately apply skills to real 3D models
  • Exporting models to game engines, 3D printers, and other softwares

Avoid expensive classes and gain lifetime access to all the 3D modeling fundamentals you need with Udemy. Originally $45, grab “The Complete Blender Creator Course” now for just $31, a savings of 30%.

Create 3D Models With This Complete Blender Course From Udemy ($31)

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