Compare Home Mortgage Rates With LendingTree To Find the Best Rate For You

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If you’re in the market to refinance or purchase a new home but need a loan that meets your unique and specific needs, welcome LendingTree into the process with a free loan request. You’ll be able to comparison shop and get the best loan for your current situation.


Buying a home is obviously one of the biggest purchases you can make so it’s important you’re as prepared as possible. You’ll want to know the loan type that makes most sense for you (FHA, conventional, or VA Loan), as well as what criteria lenders will use to qualify you (credit history, household income, job history, savings, and down payment are the big five). And because mortgage rates are constantly changing, vetting a variety of offers is the ideal approach.

If you’ve already got a loan but are looking to refinance, LendingTree can assist in finding the best plan that’ll save you money. See if cash-out refinance or traditional makes sense for you. Then use their refinance calculator to determine your break-even point and utilize their refinance checklist.


Go into your first home (or refinancing your current mortgage) with every options and tool at your disposal, for no cost courtesy of LendingTree.

Please note: LendingTree is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. Upon the borrower’s submission of information to LendingTree, LendingTree matches borrowers with lenders who may reach out to contact the borrower with conditional loan offers or requests for more information.


Compare Home Mortgage Rates With LendingTree To Find the Best Rate

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